Thursday, September 29, 2016

Klenspop Bunny 3color Violet Circle Lens Review

I actually missed making circle lens review and finally I have one to share with you guys today! 
I picked out the Bunny 3color Violet from Klenspop since I haven't had a violet circle lens in awhile so I thought it would be cool to test it out! 

I haven't gotten a package from Klenspop in awhile but I realised the changed the packaging (of the box)! 

Diameter: 14.5mm
Graphic diameter: 13.3mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
Duration: 6 months
Manufacturer: LENSPOP
Prescription: 0.00 ~ -5.00

No flash (top), with flash (bottom)
I'm pretty sure I wore one of the lenses the wrong way since the pattern is slightly different haha but for some reason I don't recall it being uncomfortable...  Or maybe it's just my lighting. I have no idea. 


I don't think the colour is as vibrant as it's shown on the website, the purple is there though but it's leaning more towards a greyish tone. I think from far away it looks more grey than purple which I don't mind since it looks more natural. 

These lenses were super comfortable and I didn't feel them at all during the times that I wore them however the first time I put them on, there was one lens that kept sliding around but after awhile it somehow adapted to my eye haha

There's no dramatic enlargement with these lenses, probably no enlargement at all since it's a lighter colour (usually lighter colours look smaller than darker colours even if they are the same diameter). 

I don't think these lenses suit me due to my brassy ass hair colour lol but if I do ash out my hair more, I think it would look alright. These lenses would especially look really good on a person who has black hair. I'm glad I got to try them out though! 

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