Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Beauty People Lip Tattoo Review (Strawberry & Cherry)

So hello,
Recently (by recently I mean like 4 months ago) an Asian makeup and skincare shop opened near to my apartment, so when I was late to class one day that I decided to skip it altogether (u feel me tho), I went to check out this new shop and this lip tattoo product caught my eye.

So I was looking at the colours and I really needed a pink lipstick anyway so I was figuring out which of the two I should get but then I was like PORQUE NO LOS DOS? and I bought both of them lol. 

I bought Strawberry and Cherry, and you're probably wondering "oi Tokki they look the same." And shit, you're right.  Though the Strawberry is leaning towards the warmer side while the Cherry is leaning towards the cooler side, but seriously you can't really tell much of a difference. 

I have pictures of me wearing one of them but I don't remember which one I used lol... you had one job Tokki. 
These lip tattoos are thick in consistency, it's not as liquid as some lip tints/liquid lipsticks. It's very moisturising when you put it on and the pigment is so strong, after awhile it dries to a matte finish and is somewhat transfer proof.   

 Inexpensive: I paid $12 for it which is pretty good considering on their website, they are selling it for 11,000Won
 Long lasting, when I did those arm swatches, there was a stain for like 3 days. 
 Easy to apply
 Fades nicely 

 Hard to blend, you'll have to work really quick with this product. Don't apply it to one part of your lip and rub your lips together because there will be a defined line lol 
 The smell is slightly chemically but it's not that bad. 

Honestly don't do a rookie mistake like me and buy both colours unless you're planning to buy the whole collection (which I'm not coz orange looks gross on me lol). In my opinion I think Cherry is the better option.  

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