Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tokki's Bullshit Update 2016

What's up baby
Did you forget about me? 

Sorry for being super MIA, but this year has been super busy!

Here's an update for you in dot points because I know you don't wanna read too much shit lets be real here lol 

 Moved out of home so I could be closer to uni
 Took about a month to fully settle in a.k.a I stayed home all day and watched animu
 Started uni
 Did some uni shit
 Bought a macbook
 Wtf idk how to use this shit
 Can't blog without photoshop because I'm ugly af
 No one wan't to read a blog about an ugly girl, pls. 
 Finally got photoshop
 Okay now I can blog :D
 One month later

Annnnnnd now I'm here 

Don't worry, I'm alive, I'm doing good.
I'll come back again because I still have to do a lens review #worstbloggerever

Love u tho xoxo

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