Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Colour Review

Sally Hansen nail polish is seen everywhere in Australia, I've probably picked up a few of their products without even acknowledging their brand haha!
A few weeks back, I went into Priceline and saw that they were having a half price sale so I decided to try out two of their nail polishes for a review.

They have a decent colour range and different types of nail polish like gel nail polish, fuzzy coat nail polish, etc.
I decided to pick up Grey Area (left) and Strobe Light (right)

I found Grey Area to be super opaque even with one coat, but it did leave a bit of streaking so I put on a second coat.
Strobe Light is just a clear polish with a lot of chunky glitter particles so it took about 3 coats to completely cover the nails.

Sadly, Grey Area is darker on the nails than in the bottle. It's basically an off black and I would have preferred it to be as light as it looked in the bottle so it could match with Strobe Light a bit better.
I really liked how Strobe Light looked on top of Grey Area (shown on my thumb), I think it'll look better with all my nails painted like that with the Strobe Light accent nail.

The drying time varied between the two polishes, they were both not that fast drying, the glitter polish dried much slower than the normal polish but I usually paint my nails while I'm on my laptop so I don't really take notice of the time lol

The nail polish didn't chip at all in the first week so I'm pretty impressed by that! After that first week though I didn't really take much notice of my nails but I could see that my nails were growing out and that tiny bits of the top were being chipped off which is normal, I guess.

Overall these were really average nail polishes, I would most likely purchase these again when they go back on sale since it's just really easy to pick up haha! $3.50 was a really good price though!!
If you didn't know by now, Australian prices are really really shitty and everything is just wayyy too expensive. I don't really want to spend $20+ on one nail polish, that's for sure.

What is a common drug store nail polish in your area?

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