Saturday, August 29, 2015

Daiso Review: Eyebrow Coat

Hi guys~ I have a quick little post for you before I go into hiding for awhile! Haven't been catching up on my favourite blogs lately because I've been busy and I don't spend as much time on the laptop as I used to... ㅠㅠ I'm sorry~ I'll read them all when I have the time!

This eyebrow coat has been like the life saviour of my brows!! I absolutely LOVE this stuff. 
I first tried it out around July/August 2014, I know this because it was my bestfriend's going away party and I went into Daiso to just casually shop.
My brows always used to fade during the night, especially in areas that don't have hair (so the eyebrow pencil really had nothing to cling to), but I used this eyebrow coat and my brows stayed on all night~ 

(Left: new bottle. Right: my first bottle)

This apparently is a really popular product, so popular that it was sold out in all seven stores around Melbourne. I actually never saw it until a year later since the first time I purchased it even though I kept messaging Daiso when they would restock (to which they responded "In 2 weeks!" but I never saw it)...As you can see from the above picture, my first bottle (on the right) managed to last up to a year.

The applicator is like a thin nail polish brush. Honestly, it doesn't cover all the eyebrow in just one swift stroke like the package direction tells you to do. So I do a few strokes to coat all my eyebrow, it's better to just go in one direction as well. 


Left: Without eyebrow coat. Right: With eyebrow coat.

It claims to be waterproof and actually the water did bounce off from it but the water didn't affect the eyebrow pencil without the eyebrow coat either hahaha! In the end I tried rubbing both of them harshly and they faded basically the same too. So I came to the conclusion that testing on the hand just sucks lol.

I don't believe it's 100% waterproof but it is 100% sweat proof since my brows do stay on for the whole day/night.

  Keeps drawn eyebrows on for up to 18 hours
  Very affordable
  One bottle can last up to a year if used wisely
  Sweat proof
  Transfer proof
  Repels water
  Easy to use

Hard to find
Thin applicator
Can be rubbed off if not careful

Honestly I don't understand how some people's eyebrows can last up to the whole night without it fading away :( Maybe they use really good quality makeup or something. But since I have to draw in my eyebrows all the time, I just use Daiso eyebrow pencils. In conjunction with the eyebrow coat, I never have to worry about touching up my eyebrows now! One less thing to worry about~ 
I recommend this to anyone who is like me that don't have eyebrows hahahaha

Do you draw in your eyebrows?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Klenspop New Vision Chagall Black Lens Review


Hi again! Klenspop gave me the opportunity to choose my own lens from their website so I picked up the New Vision Chagall Black lens~
I recieved these lenses the same time as the Bunny 3colour Grey lens, which you can see the review here!
I was looking for a black lens but since I haven't worn black lenses in a few years, I thought I would start off with a small diameter and see if I liked them or not. 

Diameter: 14.00mm
Graphic diameter: 12.7mm
Base Curve: 8.4
Water Content: 38%
Duration: 6 months
Manufacturer: Neo Vision
Prescription: 0.00 ~ -10.00

Natural sunlight (no flash)

I wasn't sure what to rate this because there really isn't much of a design really. The lens design is made up of tiny dots which are all close together to form a black outer ring but disperse towards the pupil so that the lens can blend into your natural eye colour.

The colour is a true black like how I wanted it to be haha 

Although there's a big difference to the actual diameter compared to the graphic diameter (which means an unnecessary amount of clear edge on the contacts haha), the lenses can be worn for numerous hours actually I've worn them to work a few times (9 hour shifts) without feeling uncomfortable!   

There is like only a 0.5mm enlargement compared to my actual eye... Maybe not even. But it is supposed to be a natural lenses and I picked these ones out for the days I didn't want to have enlargement but I still wanted to see clearly! 

 Sorry for the creepy ass smile lol
 With flash

I love these lenses! They are perfect for the days where I want to see without glasses  But I recommend these lenses for anyone who has lighter coloured eyes who want their eyes to stand out a bit more without it looking too unnatural. 

What are your views on black circle lenses?