Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fynale Naomi Brown Circle Lens Review from Lens Village


Just recently I was contacted by to do a circle lenses review!
If you didn't know by now, LensVillage is a very reputable company that sells a large collection of circle lenses (and even make up)! Being a contact lens user for over 7 years, it's been one of my go-to stores, so getting an email from them made me so excited! Senpai noticed me! hahahaa

I decided to pick up the Fynale Naomi Brown lenses since I've never tried Fynale lenses before. Nothing really attracted me to these lenses because well...all Fynale stock photos are a little intense. Hahaha but I decided to just go for it anyway! The lenses come in prescriptions too and you're able to choose different powers for either eye. Mine were -4.50 and -3.50 because I'm a blind bitch. 

Shipping time was standard, it arrived in less than 2 weeks. It came in a plastic envelope that has bubble wrap lining inside. The contents was inside a plastic bag and the lenses were wrapped up in some foam stuff. Extra extra protection~  

Life Span: 1 year
Diameter: 14.5mm
Effect: 16 ~ 18mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 55% (wow!)

Soz about the shit makeup

The design is kind of interesting, it has different streaks of brown but there's a lot of clear bits too so the halo effect is super noticeable (as you can see in the above .gif). It's noticeable up close but from a good talking distance (unless you're a creep that talks too close) it gives a nice shiny/watery eye effect. The design would probably also suit people with light coloured eyes as well since it isn't just one block of colour. 

Even with dark brown eyes, it shows up pretty well. I mean, I don't usually care about these things anyway since it's brown and my eyes are brown.  

With a water content of 55% you can never go wrong with that. I've worn these lenses for 8 hours and I'm not struggling. I'm even wearing them now and I've been staring at the computer screen for a couple of hours and it still feels fine. These actually feel much more comfortable than my normal contact lenses.  

These are the standard enlargement for me, I usually like wearing this size. Apparently it gives the effect of 16mm ~ 18mm but I feel like it gives off a 15mm effect at most. That being said, 15mm is still a pretty big enlargement!  

Whoops spelt artificial wrong. My bad.  

I love these lenses! I'm pretty happy with how these turned out, I didn't read any reviews or look at other images prior so I could surprise myself (I'm so lame). But yayyyy, I really recommend these! You can buy them here :)  

No filters used. 

Colour is still noticeable even from a phone front camera.

What's the most comfortable lenses that you've tried before?

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