Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

Yo! I've been long overdue for a blog post but I thought I might as well do this one so ya'll can stop nominating me now lol seriously. 
But thanks to all the bloggers who nominated me in the past month:

The Versatile Blogger award is given to bloggers, who are popular for their good quality style of writing and overall the quality and uniqueness of their blogs. what? good quality style of writing my ass. But anyway!

The Rules:
 Thank the person who nominated you
 Share 7 facts about you
 Nominate 15 bloggers

7 Facts about me:

 I'm really bad at writing facts about myself. Seriously though, half an hour just went by and I still don't have anything to write about myself that I haven't already mentioned in the other award post.
 I really love food, especially unhealthy food. My favourite food is probably fried chicken. I just...I can't pick a favourite, I'll eat it all.
 I'm an incredibly lazy person, if I have something important to do on one day, even if it takes only an hour or so to do, that's the only thing I will focus on and then I do nothing for the rest of the day lol... For example, this blog post is probably the only important thing I'm going to do today even though I have an assignment due tomorrow. But I'm going to the optometrist tomorrow... I need to get my shit together, seriously lol.
 Oh yeah I'm single now if you guys even care about that kind of shit. But I do like someone at the moment...  I don't know if it's a good idea to document my relationship on my blog (eg. Anniversary dates, boyfriend tags, picture of me and him, etc) because I did that in my super old blog and then we broke up and I didn't know whether to delete blog posts about him or not but I did anyway. Then I got random anonymous questions asking what happened between us. Hectic.
 I've had people say they've seen me from Instagram (I don't have many followers to begin with too) hahaha! #famous. just kidding. But really, it's nice that I'm acknowledged and they could at least recognise me in real life because GURL, I'm so photoshopped it's not funny. I look better on Instagram.
 I would love to get a nose job, botox on my jaw and a chin implant or if I saved up heaps of money, then I would just get jaw surgery. I don't care about natural beauty, I find it boring. Embrace natural beauty all you want, but count me out of it.
 I have a bad Youtube obsession. Even if there's nothing to watch in my subscriptions, there's always something I want to watch. I'm thinking of starting a Youtube channel, I just made a mash up of one of my favourite songs at the moment which you can check out below. I don't really want to show my real face but I guess it is what it is haha. Subscribe to me :)

The nominations: fucking finally
My homedawg Espur

This is it for now because I have so many tabs open and I don't want shit to freeze.
Whoever is reading this, I nominate you too. So ha! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Nail Polish Review

I've been seeing a lot of 3CE products popping up in my city lately. There's this store called MD Ranking which I obsess over because there's so many awesome beauty products there, the prices are decent but obviously online is always cheaper haha.
My latest purchase from there where these two 3CE nail polishes in the colours BR01 (Brownish gold colour with glitter) and PK17 (a light dusty rose colour).

The price is alright, I think I picked these up for around $6 at the store. I didn't expect magical things to happen with this product but I really love their packing and colour range!

The first coat as you can see is super sheer, my nails were really yellow underneath too because I've been repainting my nails for months with the same colour and then I painted them with glitter polish like a month ago but then I painted over them with another nail polish so it's totally suffocated. Although my nails are naturally yellowish because I have super thick nails as well.
Right away I could tell this bitch needed 2~3 more coats.

To be honest I think I could have gotten away with just a second coat because it wasn't too bad and this nail polish doesn't streak which is great. Though you can see the little bumps on my nails so i really needed to add another coat, those bumps are from removing the previous glitter polish causing the top layer of my nail to flake a little and I didn't buff it out properly...

The 3rd coat smoothed out all the bumps! I really liked the final results of this!

I posted a photo on facebook of these nails and someone commented that her nail polish started chipping within 3 days of wear but mine didn't really chip until a week later surprisingly. Seriously though, I was kind of shocked it lasted that long. I didn't do any rough handling so maybe that could also be a factor.

When it started chipping I painted on another coat of nail polish to see what would happen. The centre of my nails started to show tiny cracks, so I guess you can't put more than 3 coats on there. The cracks aren't visible unless you're looking super close up but it still looks ugly! So better to remove all the polish and start fresh.

Overall I like this nail polish, the price is decent, the colours are nice. I would love to buy more to add to the collection!

Have you tried 3CE nail polish? What are your favourite brand of nail polishes? 

Hope you enjoyed my review!! Bye bye~