Thursday, February 12, 2015

Aliexpress Choker Review (Love Lifestyle Store)

Recently, I bought two chokers from a store called Love Lifestyle from Aliexpress.
I haven't worn them out much since I don't really have outfits that suit this kind of style, but one day I will! 
Being the dumb bitch that I am, I forgot to take a photo of the actual products by itself but all the stock images on the website are pretty much what it looks like in real life. I just can't be bothered right now sorry. 

From the store I purchased a Heart Lock Transparent Choker in Pink and a Black Heart Choker.
I bought these somewhere in the middle of January, from what I remember the processing time only took about a day and by the next week it already arrived. I was pretty thrilled about the speedy shipping, since I didn't expect it; it's China after all. Even a parcel from QUEENSLAND came later than this and there's only one state in between us so the fuck?

It came in a small envelope parcel, both chokers came in their own transparent black drawstring bag, the transparent choker was wrapped in bubble wrap because of it's spikes and the lock including a key were placed in a separate bag, I guess for extra safety. I also got free earrings which were red balls, I don't think those suit me so I just threw it away haha. But yay free gift

Both chokers look like the stock images and the quality is nice, especially the transparent one! The black choker was kind of flimsy but it's like $5. Whatever. The spikes on the transparent choker are smaller than the stock image BUT I did buy the pink one and the stock image for the pink ones have small spikes, which I prefer anyway so I'm not sure if the other chokers would have the same spikes or different.

Good quality
Fast Shipping
Carefully packaged
Free gift

Only fit necks that are 32-40cms
Pink roses are too big for my liking 

Personally I super adore the transparent one more than the black one but it's not as versatile as the black one. Because ya'll know your bae, Tokki likes wearing black all the time. Pink is very rare for me, I don't know why I don't buy a lot of pink clothes because I actually like the colour. I have plans to buy the transparent one with just the heart lock on its own. Well...I have plans to buy like everything from that store haha!

What do you think about chokers?
Thanks for reading <3

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