Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Valfré Makeup Look

Hi, it's been awhile, I've been quite busy even though I have this month off work (school holidays). My life has been a bit hectic recently and has given me a lot of stress. I'm not going to write about, but just letting you know I'm in sadball mode.
Also, I've been tagged by Jenny to do the Grateful Blogger tag but I'm not being a grateful bitch right now but I am grateful for alcohol. That's all.
Haha but thank you Jenny for thinking about me and tagging me!! Go check out her blog~

Since I have a lot of products I'm still thoroughly testing out, I'm really not sure what to blog about but I wanted to blog. Yesterday, my wifi went down so I was inspired to do a makeup look that included the star freckles in some of Valfre drawings.

This isn't a tutorial, but I basically did my usual makeup and added stars on my cheeks and nose using black pencil eyeliner.

Plus I dyed my hair and I want to show it off. I think I did a good job, I've basically bought all the toners I could possible get from the range of hair dye I buy because I wanted to experiment with different toners. This one is Dark Ash Blonde, it looks green-ish in real life which doesn't really bother me. I love it more in flash photography.
I should stop bleaching my own hair before I accidentally burn my hair off.


Thanks for reading~

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