Friday, December 12, 2014

3CE 3 Concept Eyes: Lip Lacquer Review

So I woke up from a nap and thought I should do a mini review of these lip lacquers I had lying around. 
These pictures were taken with my phone so I'm sorry if it's crap. 
And if you're wondering why one of them has sticky tape around it, it's because my yaoi hands are too yaoi and dropped it. So yeah, there's one con; it breaks easily. 

If you don't know by now, 3CE is a Korean makeup brand which is under the clothing brand Stylenanda. I bought two of the lip lacquers from an Asian beauty store near my area for around $20 but I'm pretty sure they are cheaper online.  

Show Time is a very vibrant peachy pink, I wouldn't say it's good for everyday use but it'll depend how you put it on (heavy handed or blotted on).  
Pink Boom is a bright in-your-face hot pink colour, this colour definitely screams "I want to party!! And perhaps get drunk! But not too drunk because I have work the next morning."  yes. 

I don't really use these, only on rare occasions. They are very dry and matte, it will make your lips feel even drier once on and if you put lip gloss on top of it, the lip lacquer would start sliding around and eventually you would get pink all over your face.

The staying power is average, it can last around 3~4 hours if you don't eat and drink, that said though, it does stain a bit, but not a whole lot. This product was way too over hyped in my opinion because I've heard some pretty nice reviews on these.

Overall I give this product a 2 out of 5. 

It can be an okay product if you work around the negatives, like, moisturise the hell out of your lips beforehand. I still want to try the other colours out to be honest, because I'm an idiot. lol. 

I just woke up from a nap, so excuse the pyjamas and whatever's left of my makeup lol. Photo doesn't do Pink Boom's justice. 

I wouldn't really recommend these to anyone since there's better products out there, but if you're a Stylenanda fan, then you would probably buy it anyway. It's cute. 

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