Monday, September 22, 2014

Sony Alpha 5000 and Review

I haven't done a review in a while so I'm sorry if it's kind of a shit review lol. These photos are taken with my phone so excuse the quality. 

Disclaimer: I have no knowledge in photography so this review isn't about it's specs, etc. 

This was my first time purchasing from, I read a couple of reviews beforehand on a forum which was great and all but most of the positive reviews seemed to be years old and the negative ones were only recent. I decided to just purchase from there anyway because the camera was cheap compared to eBay prices and I really like watching DigitalRev on Youtube haha.

I purchased the camera around 9:00PM Monday night, they promised to ship in-stock products within 24 hours. I waited until Tuesday evening for an email saying it was shipped out but nothing :( 
I was pretty paranoid because some people wrote that they waited a month and no shipment was confirmed until they actually contacted them THEN their product was shipped out. So being paranoid as I was, I chatted to someone via the live chat on their website just to make sure, the woman told me the "24 hours shipment" meant the hours only during opening hours. So that made sense lol..
An hour later I got an email saying my camera was shipped :D YAY (coincidence? lol) According to the DHL website, I would be getting my package either Friday or Saturday afternoon but noooooo...

Thursday morning came and I hear a loud banging at my door; my camera arrived!!!!

my love <3

I've never dealt with such a quick mail service in my life! Especially a package that came all the way from Hong Kong. It was neatly packaged with lots of bubble wrap, like, 4 layers of bubble wrap. When I was running back upstairs, I hear something moving around in the box and thought "Shit, is something broken inside??" I opened the box and I was relieved to find out that it was some freebies that I read DigitalRev gives out!

I really wasn't expecting such a cool free thing. I checked the box to see if it wasn't actual contents or not, but it wasn't! In some reviews I read you get some extras, I guess it depends on what you're buying. They gave me a free desktop/mini tripod and a microfibre cleaning cloth with Digital Rev imprinted on it.  

It's so damn cute!! But totally useless hahaha~ I have a good tripod already. Still cute though!

So overall, I give 10/10 stars! 

 Wide range of products
★ Cheap prices
★ Fast shipping from Hong Kong to Victoria, Australia. 
★ Free goodies

Now on to the Sony a5000 review! 

This is the contents that comes inside the box (excluding the manuals). The camera and lens was already attached, which is a first for me, when I bought a interchangeable lens camera before, usually lens and body comes separately. But it doesn't bother me, just a shame because it would be nice having a cap for the body and a pouch for the lens!

Ahhhhh!! It's so pretty~ :D 
I took a few photos and the quality is great! I've watched a lot of reviews beforehand so I knew where all the functions were. 

I love how the screen pops up so you can take selfies and record videos easily! 
I read the downside of this is there's a 3 second timer every time you pop up the screen which I don't think is needed and there's no swift option to switch it off and on. 


To turn off the 3 second timer on your a5000:
Go to MENU -> Custom Settings -> Page 3 -> Self-portrait/timer -> Turn it off.  

You're welcome. 

Not only did I get this camera for the flip screen, I got it for the NFC/Wi-Fi function!! 
I totally LOVE this option of sending it straight to the phone (you have to download PlayMemories for it to work)! Sometimes it takes a bit of adjustment to work because Samsung S4 doesn't have a icon to locate NFC. (Apparently it's in the battery) So I have to move my phone around for it to connect.
Most of the time it works straight away and SOMETIMES it doesn't work. :/ But that's ok because there is still Wi-Fi transfer option you have to manually do lol!

Next thing I love is Smart Remote! You can use your phone as a remote via an app called PlayMemories. Too bad my phone case is really ugly and dirty so I don't really want to take a photo with my phone in it (like Dakota Rose) hahaha. There is an option on the app to set up the timer instead of having to go to the camera to set it up which is so easy! Press button, chuck my phone out of the way and pose! :D

OVERALL I give this camera 9/10. 


★ The shooting options aren't "easy to access" you have to click MENU then Camera Settings then Shoot Mode and finally you can chose what you want. My shooting option is always on Superior Auto because I can't be bothered dealing with that crap. 
★ The mic is not that great, it's still good but not awesome. If you want to vlog with this camera, better to use an external mic. 
★ There's no option to turn off the shutter sound, which I really don't mind but I know others do. 

Here's a photo I took with the camera using the flip screen and then transferring it to my phone to edit it using Line Camera (the text and making my face smooth and pretty lol) and PicsArt (stickers and bit of filter). It's the same photo I used for the picture on the sidebar haha. 
Sorry if the review was too long!!  

This was not a sponsored post because, duhhh, this is like my second blog post on this new blog lol. And thanks to my man for buying this as a "Pre-Christmas present", really appreciate it! 

Thanks for reading :)

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