Monday, December 15, 2014

Liebster Award

Thankyou Payton for nominating me :) :) !!!!

The Official Rules Of The Liebster Award 

1. thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
2. display the award on your blog
3. answer 11 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.
4. provide 11 random facts about yourself.
5. nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have a less than 1000 followers. 
6. create a new list of 11 questions for the blogger to answer.

11 Facts About Yours Truly:
1. At the moment I work at a daycare and been working here for what seems like the whole year haha.
2. I'm studying TESOL 
3. I'm a moderator for a "bitchy" forum that has quite a bit of traffic. You might have seen my name somewhere ;) 
4. I read hentai. I find the stories funny sometimes more than erotic. 
5. I like Korean underground rap music. Also rap music and R'n'B in general. My favourite non-Korean rappers are Snoop Dogg, Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, Tyler the Creator, etc.  
6. My hobby is cooking but not cleaning haha
7. Every time I eat breakfast, I watch anime.
8. I bleach and dye my hair by myself. It's hectic. I used to work at a hair salon so I semi-know what I'm doing haha. 
9. I'm addicted to online shopping
10. I'm a certified makeup artist believe it or not lol. 
11. I have really bad eyesight that keeps getting worse. I'm probably a -4 now, I haven't checked since last year. 
Payton's questions: 
1. Why did you start blogging? I don't know haha
2. Who was your first follower? My friend,Angii 
3. Do you ever plan to become a full-time blogger? Yeah if I get ad revenue and sponsorships LOL
4. Who is your favourite blogger? I don't have one as of yet. 
5. What is your favourite beauty brand? I think there's the good and the bad for every brand though. I would say MAC is my fav for lipsticks. I love Urban Decay for my eyeshadow and contour colours. I use a lot of Too Cool For School products since I love the packaging. I guess I don't have a favourite, I use a lot of brands. 
6. Any hobbies and talents? I have a talent in drinking...? Lmao 
7. Favourite movie/film of all time? I could probably watch White Chicks, Superbad and Means Girls for the rest of my life, so maybe those. 
8. It's Valentines Day , what do you hope to receive from your significant other? I don't really expect things from him, he gives me stuff all the time. I would like a full body massage though, especially on my legs and lower back. 
9. What's your favourite song atm? It's not a rap song surprisingly. lol But I do love Crush. 

10. If you could be any one of the Disney Princesses, which one would you be and why? Ariel because I want to be a fucking mermaid.
11. If you had the chance to meet your favourite celebrity, what would you say? "Can we be friends?" Lmao idk..

My questions: 
1. What languages do you speak?
2. Do you want to have kids in the future?
3. Do you own any pets?
4. What is your favourite guilty pleasure food?
5. What's your current favourite T.V show?
6. What is the purpose of your blog?
7. What websites to you visit all the time?
8. Who do you find inspiration from?
9. What country would you love to visit?
10. What is/were your plans for Christmas?
11. Who is your favourite Youtuber?

I don't really follow many people right now since I just started my blog.
But I nominate:

And that's it.

Friday, December 12, 2014

3CE 3 Concept Eyes: Lip Lacquer Review

So I woke up from a nap and thought I should do a mini review of these lip lacquers I had lying around. 
These pictures were taken with my phone so I'm sorry if it's crap. 
And if you're wondering why one of them has sticky tape around it, it's because my yaoi hands are too yaoi and dropped it. So yeah, there's one con; it breaks easily. 

If you don't know by now, 3CE is a Korean makeup brand which is under the clothing brand Stylenanda. I bought two of the lip lacquers from an Asian beauty store near my area for around $20 but I'm pretty sure they are cheaper online.  

Show Time is a very vibrant peachy pink, I wouldn't say it's good for everyday use but it'll depend how you put it on (heavy handed or blotted on).  
Pink Boom is a bright in-your-face hot pink colour, this colour definitely screams "I want to party!! And perhaps get drunk! But not too drunk because I have work the next morning."  yes. 

I don't really use these, only on rare occasions. They are very dry and matte, it will make your lips feel even drier once on and if you put lip gloss on top of it, the lip lacquer would start sliding around and eventually you would get pink all over your face.

The staying power is average, it can last around 3~4 hours if you don't eat and drink, that said though, it does stain a bit, but not a whole lot. This product was way too over hyped in my opinion because I've heard some pretty nice reviews on these.

Overall I give this product a 2 out of 5. 

It can be an okay product if you work around the negatives, like, moisturise the hell out of your lips beforehand. I still want to try the other colours out to be honest, because I'm an idiot. lol. 

I just woke up from a nap, so excuse the pyjamas and whatever's left of my makeup lol. Photo doesn't do Pink Boom's justice. 

I wouldn't really recommend these to anyone since there's better products out there, but if you're a Stylenanda fan, then you would probably buy it anyway. It's cute. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Experience with Aliexpress (Store Review)

When it comes to shopping I have a serious mad addiction to online shopping (or buying Line Camera stickers haha)! One of my favourite places to shop for clothes is
It's basically like Amazon but with broken English.

As an Australian, I'm always wondering how well these items would ship to me because frankly we're just some random chunk of land people sometimes forget about. That's why I wanted to start doing shop reviews on my blog too :D I've purchased a few items from them in the past year and I find that my experience has been really good so far! :)
I'd show you like a haul or something but I can't be fucked. lol

My favourite piece I bought for them as of recent is this super cute milk shirt that apparently says "ganbette" (good luck ?) in Japanese but not written in the right way. I think the safest item to buy off Aliexpress are t-shirts because you really can't go wrong with those. You can get the milk shirt here! Although it says free size, the size is like an XS! I was JUST able to fit it! The milk carton and Japanese writing is much bigger on the shirt in real life too, but I don't really mind.

Stock image

I've bought many items off Aliexpress (18 items apparently) and everything really does run small. Luckily, I have a small-ish build but some of the things show off my fat gut a little haha so I really need to go on a diet to wear these things :') There are some things though that doesn't look exactly like the stock photo in terms of material, so try to keep an open mind, but I still really hate it when it doesn't look like stock photos! D:< For example I bought a high waisted skirt which looked like it was made from boiled wool (if that is the correct term...) but it ended up being some cotton/polyester/elastic fabric, which is fine because it actually says that in the description, but who really reads bad English descriptions? :L

Wearing the Milk shirt and high waisted skirt! The milk carton is slightly distorted because of my boobs (there's not a lot of it btw lol) which I kinda don't like :'( 

The thing I like about Aliexpress is that they give you enough days to open a dispute. The company also knows if there's suspicious activity going on and will email you giving you some information and saying that if the seller doesn't provide proof within 3 days, you'll get a refund. 

A little tip with buying from Aliexpress is to avoid dresses and coats that are really affordable because they are always cheap quality! Maybe something above $18 for a dress would be good quality, but defiantly nothing below! Try not to buy any sheer blouses either. 

Also another tip is that if you find an item you like, copy the title of the item, for example "2014 American Apparel Lady High Waist Tennis" and paste it in the search bar, then you'll see other sellers selling the same item and you can look at different seller's feedback, their ranking and see which one seems more reliable (or cheaper)!

My second favourite item is this Pervert 17 tshirt :D I really like tshirts lol

 Wide variety of clothes and other items
 Easy to navigate
 Open dispute option
 Protects you from scammers
 Moderate shipping (better than eBay sellers from China somehow.) I was able to get a package within a week a few times :D So good!! It's never exceeded 3 weeks for me.

 Items not true to stock image 60% of the time
 Most items are "free size" which means it's XS ~ S
 Some measurement charts aren't accurate
 Difficult to communicate due to language barrier
 Scammers - although Aliexpress is able to help with this, they are still a nuisance
 You have to login. Every. Single. Time.
 No Paypal option

I give this store:

What online stores do you shop at? 
Have you shopped at Aliexpress before?
I would love to keep doing online store reviews :D 

Friday, October 31, 2014

LensMe Pumpkin Brown Circle Lens Review

Happy Halloween everyone~

In celebration of Halloween, I decided it was a good time to review my fairly new circle lens, LensMe Pumpkin Brown, which I've been wearing for awhile.호박렌즈~
I decided to be a bit daring recently and try out a different circle lens website ( because it seemed like the only English site that sold this particular lens that I wanted after seeing ulzzang, Yoon Ara, wearing it. The lens is by a Korean company called "LensMe" in the series "Hobak" which translates to pumpkin. You can find the original circle lens here

Image from lensme website

When I first saw the Pumpkin Brown circle lens, I totally fell in love with the cobweb design. Although, I knew that people would barely even see the design once in my eyes, I thought that it might make my eyes look like they sparkle because of the bits of light brown in contrast to the black. I obviously also knew the pictures of Yoon Ara wearing them was super Photoshopped!

Product name / PumpkinOverall diameter (DIA) / 14mm
Duration of use / 6 months or moreGraphic diameter / 13.5mm
Manufacturer / LensMeBC / 8.6mm
Place of origin / KOREAMoisture content / 38%
Frequency range / 0.00 to 6.00Astigmatic / impossible

natural lighting (above). with flash (below) 

The design is what made me so interested in the lens in the first place! And as expected it does give a twinkling eye effect which I'm happy about, although, it really is hard to see the colour unless in good lighting. I'm a big fan of natural looking lenses that fades into the middle instead of a harsh circle for the pupil so this design gets an A+ in my books :)

I'm surprised they advertise these lenses as 13.9mm because the enlargement seems to look fairly similar to my other current lens "Geo Mimi Cafe Macchiato Brown" which are apparently 15mm.
I have no idea who to believe anymore tbh.
Either way, great enlargement.

It's comfortable and was easy to wear on the first go but it doesn't really last as much as I would prefer, usually I would wear my lenses for 8 hours ++ (I know it's bad but I rather not wear glasses to work) and most of the lenses have been able go on through the long hours without feeling dry. These ones will feel a little dry around the 5 hour mark and I would have to use eyedrops :( But I've only worn these a few times and I know a lot of my circle lenses seems to "loosen up" a little over time so it's more comfortable to wear for long hours. Hopefully it'll be the same with these or I will cry. 

How they look from Galaxy s4's front camera in artificial lighting

I really like these lenses because I'm still swooning over how nice the design is every time I pick it up to put into my eye before the design then disappears haha. I'm still interested in trying different lenses so I probably won't be repurchasing these any time soon (but they did leave a very good impression on me more than some circle lenses I've tried in the past). This one is definitely going to be on my top favourite pairs of circle lens I've tried!! Even though I mentioned I wouldn't be repurchasing these, there's still a chance I will when I'm satisfied with trying out all the other ones I want!
You can purchase the lens here!! They have a gray one too